Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mary Poppins Revisited, and 80's Music

I watched Mary Poppins last night, and at one day shy of turning 42 years old, I enjoyed it more than I ever did when I was a child. It was simply magical, and made me feel like a little kid again. A time travel treat backward for certain.

Been cleaning up some stuff on my computer before heading to bed to read something, and have been listening to an 80's music station on Launchcast Plus (aside from the frustrations associated with Yahoo/Verizon, I find the extras worth it). Been listening to Jangle Rock, New Wave, and Power Pop - especially to The Romantics and Tommy Tutone. Time travel treat again - back to when I was in my mid teens to early twenties.

Well, time to do a virus scan and hit the hay. Happy Sunday. I hope and pray all y'all will have a blessed Lord's Day.