Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Well, I'm not getting many cookies baked yet, though it seems like I've been spending an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen. Usually, I LOVE to bake cookies and sweets and breads, but lately I'm in more of a cooking dinner mood. I think it is me being in SDPCBE - Stressed Discouraged Perfectionist Cooking Baking Evasion. See, I like to bake when I don't have to bake too many different things in a short period of time to pack up to send to my Momsie in Florida.

Actually, it's not the baking itself that wigs me out. It's all the cleaning up! And then the packing the cookie boxes up carefully with about three bajillion dollars worth of bubble wrap! And then the getting the big (as in typically 15 - 17 pounds each Christmas) box labeled and securely taped before we manage to get it to the shipping place (yes, the shipping place where I invariably make contact with the most lethal flu germs of the ENTIRE winter!) on the most dangerous driving day of December (what can I say?! Snowy days make me want to go out and do things! ). Did I mention that I belong in the Home for the Permanently Shipping Impaired? That I am Postally Challenged? That some malevolent being has cursed me with the dreaded "May your shipping tape always shred and be impossible to use especially when you are in the biggest and most stressed hurry" curse?!

Yikes. I am sounding rather Grinchly. I wish I could have started baking cookies a month ago, but I was so ill and exhausted until a few days ago. But that would have been an exercise in futility (to bake cookies that soon), because a Certain Parent whom I live with, though I love him dearly, is a Cookie Monster. Meaning, he cannot leave cookies alone. Which is a nice compliment, because his father and grandfather before him owned a couple of excellent bakeries decades ago, and I keep on hearing flattering words that my cookies are even better than the family bakery's cookies. But then again, Cookie Monsters are known to butter people up in order to supply their Cookie Habit (ha! get it?! Butter! Butter goes into cookies! Hee hee. I am delirious from eating frosted Gingersnaps!).

Anyway, it's a good thing I got the Christmas tree up the first week of November because I sure wouldn't have time to do it now, and I'm enjoying it. It's been decorated for a month already. Here is a test picture I took using my new tripod which was an early Christmas present from my Dad the Cookie Monster.

Mostly, we try to not light it much during Advent and try to save enjoying it until the liturgically proper Christmas season (Christmas through the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord). I will likely keep the tree up until just before Ash Wednesday.

Will catch up with Christy, Jen, Mike, Rene', and others after I recover from running a Cat Hospital.

(Picture coming later; Blogger is being a stinker and not letting me upload images for the past fifteen minutes. This is why I prefer Xanga and am glad to pay for Xanga Premium).

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