Sunday, December 03, 2006

Maggie and Kiki's Sick Ward

I have two sick kitties on my hands this weekend. I know it's bad because neither of them want to eat. Even the Universal Magic Kitty Attention Getter Word ("TREAT!") doesn't evoke much of a response out of them. That's pretty bad. What's worse is that the Super Secret Kitty Attention Getting Weapon (CORNED BEEF) isn't tempting them that much either.

So, while Jen has had her hands full with the Chicken Pox at her house, I am having my own small version of watching my "babies" feel miserable in the kitty sick ward. They don't seem to have fevers or upper respiratory infections. This seems parasitic. I pray we don't have a vet visit in the making because it is frigidly cold out there. Which is all the more reason to worry about my kids because cold weather like this usually turns them into ravenous eaters.

Anyway, time to get them in their little cozy, warm, safe places for bedtime. I am thinking they will get the bed and I will sleep in the bedroom Lazy Boy.

I get so sad and anxious when my little friends get so sick. Jesus, bless the little kitties!

The pictures are my two lovies from days when they felt better.

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