Sunday, December 17, 2006

I Can Relax Now!

To my fellow Screaming Banshee Holiday friends (you ladies know who you are! ), I want to let you know that your prayers for me have been heard and answered.

On Friday, I finished making the last of the goodies for my Momsie in Florida.

As I finished making the rum balls, I gobbled down a couple of them as a celebratory measure, then braced myself for the packing ordeal that lay ahead.

I have to note that as the bubble wrap, shipping peanuts, packing tape, and brown kraft package paper were flying around the room, so too was my kitten Maggie McGee. She LOVES to help pack! But yesterday, I was oblivious to her antics. I had a glow on from those couple of rum balls (it doesn't take much to do that for me!) and mostly I was just so glad that life was going to become somewhat more sane again soon after getting the infernal and nefarious cookies packed and shipped.

Today, 24 and a half pounds of cookies, pumpkin bread, and gifts got shipped FedEx 3 Day Ground delivery. They wouldn't promise us the three days, but the shipping place said Thursday, December 21st was The Big Day.

And now I am going to watch a movie!

PS: If you're shipping - be sure to find out what size boxes are "kosher" with FedEx. My package to my mom would have cost nearly half what we paid today had I shipped in the appropriate sized box!

Edit: Xanga's fine spell check suggests that I change "FedEx" to "Vodka". Methinks the spell check has been attending too many office Christmas parties....

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Jen said...

I am curious about the shipping box. Considering what I paid to ship UPS, I am wondering how a different box might have helped. Did you not need the space in the size box you used?

Miss Chris said...

I shipped in an 18"x18"x18" box, and they charged us a lot extra. Yes, I needed the full space of the box to pack things, but I think they prefer if we pack in flatter boxes, and ship two instead of one? I don't know! Either way, it costs and arm and a leg!