Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm Just Nuts About Nutmeg!

Every once in awhile, I am stricken with a new food fetish. Right now, it is NUTMEG. I've been deeply devoted to this humble spice all of my life due to a profound enjoyment of Eggnog. However, my devotion has taken on new passion since my dad started buying nutmeg from the bulk spice section of our local Pick 'n Save. Mind, this is not just ANY nutmeg. This stuff is the Superlative Best Ever Nutmeg.

While I have to watch out for the Eggnog Weight Gaining Devils, I did just snack on a bowl of creamy Edy's premium Vanilla Bean ice cream TOPPED WITH NUTMEG. It was delightful. :: burp::

Now off with me to Google a Nutmeg Cookie recipe or two, or to make up my own.

Happy Tuesday.

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