Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Have you ever noticed that there are seasons in life when each of us are in more need than usual of having to forgive others?

I am in one of those seasons right now, and I am *feeling* hard-hearted - darned hard-hearted! Shame on me, whom God has forgiven so much!

Please pray for me that God will grant me an abundance of grace to forgive from my heart everyone whom I need to forgive, especially those He is dealing with me about at this present time.

I realize that forgiving others is not a "one time only" thing. Some of these dear folks, I've had to make repeated acts of my will to forgive over the years, but every now and then the struggle is harder to put up against residual bitterness and resentment. This current season is an important hurdle for me to get over (by the grace of God) at this stage of my spiritual journey. I am finding it hard.

Thank you for even a brief prayer.

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