Wednesday, May 03, 2017


“Entering a library in a thoughtful and reverent mood, we can stretch forth our hands and bid this, that, and the other of the most excellent of mankind to speak to us. In great books, we find a revelation of human character in its excellence and nobility that our personal experiences could never offer us.”

-Fr. Edward F. Garesché, The Catholic Book of Character and Success

Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Little Tiger

This is Miss Margaret Ann McGee, Wild Celtic Kitty (still climbs the Christmas tree!). Maggie or Maglet for short. We adopted her from a local hobby farm, where she lived with the horses in the barn. She's part Tiger kitty and part Siamese.

God teaches me so much about life just by granting me the privilege to take care of Maggie. 

I would try to wax on eloquently about the above sentence's theme, only I am running on possibly three hours of sleep for the past couple of days (allergic insomnia) and my mind isn't firing on all cylinders. Thus, I can't do my point justice tonight. 

Did, however, want to show you how very Tiger-ish my little wonder-on-loan from Jesus is. In the above photo, she's a bit, shall we say, "Polluted" on catnip. Ha ha ha! Maggie is so silly on catnip!

It's kitten season. Please prayerfully consider adopting a kitty soon... you'll be so very blessed you did!

Each of you are in my prayers, especially the elderly and those who live alone, or have serious health problems. 

Much love in Jesus, the Maker of Kittens!

~ Miss Chris... and Maggie, too! >^..^<

Monday, March 27, 2017

Happy Happy!

I get a high from colors! Whenever I get blue or crabby, I get out a new box of Crayola crayons. Feasting my eyes on the happy, happy colors, I get out either a children's coloring book, or else (if I'm feeling more patient), my colored pencils for grown up coloring books. I especially like coloring positive words and phrases, most especially Bible verses! And when I'm feeling really flamboyant, I get out the big box of 50 colors of felt tip markers! Woot!

Take a gander at a medium-small box of happy! 

And a happy, happy, happy Winnie-the-Pooh coloring book!

Blessings on your Monday, your entire week, and your entire life - God's most lavish, choicest, abundant blessings! May the Holy Spirit just "love on you" and bless you until you can barely stay inside of your own skin!

Much love in Jesus the Incarnate Word of God!

~Miss Chris, back to being a responsible grownup... it's Monday...

PS: The reason I blog in large font size and large photo and picture size is because I'm aware that a number of  my blog readers are sight impaired. If it seems to lack "class" to some of the more sophisticated among you, I'm sorry. But this is the way it's going to be.

PS2! Jesus loves you!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Winter...While We Still Have It 2017

We've had bipolar weather here in Marshfield, Wisconsin USA these past number of months. Last week, we were near 60 degrees F. and this morning we are sitting in the single digits above Zero F. We get snow, and the snow melts in the spring-like warmth. Which would be nice in the month of April, but all winter long is just much too much too much! De trop! Bring on the cold and the snow! 

Below are a few pictures of a somewhat recent snowfall - nothing impressive like the two feet of snow that fell on the Eastern seaboard of the USA this week, but, it's pretty nonetheless. One shot is of Maggie the Kitty watching TV (the bird feeder, plus the bunnies beneath the spruce tree).

I'm still hoping for more winter. Going to be warm again this week and weekend. Looking up real estate at the North Pole! That would indeed be the life. Bah humbug on summer and allergies, heat, humidity and violent tornadoes! Bah! Humbug, I say! My Northern Italian & Swiss blood clamors for snow!

Off with me to listen to some Jerome K. Jerome, an audiobook of tremendous comedic proportions. Need some Vitamin L (laughter) in a huge dose!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Love Comes in Gray & White Fuzzy Suits

Love does come in gray and white fuzzy suits, with whiskers, with purrs, and with meows. 

Here are a couple of pictures of my little fuzzy Valentine, Miss Maggie McGee. She is better medicine and therapy than a lot of human beings I know, prescriptions prescribed, and I think Jesus custom made us for each other.

Here she is! Now go out and adopt a cat or dog, or a bunny, or a canary! You'll be  ever so glad you did!

Who Jesus Especially Came For

In this dog-eat-dog world, we get to feeling like if we are sick, broken, weak, vulnerable, and in general less than perfect, then Jesus doesn't love us. 

But nothing is further from the Truth! This is a stinking lie from the adversary to discourage us and rob us of our Good & Gentle Shepherd's care and tenderness, compassion and healing, love and mercy. Don't fall for lies! 

Jesus didn't come primarily for the perfect. Jesus came especially for the weak, broken, sick (in body, mind, spirit), and suffering - those of us who don't "have it together", in fact, for those of us who never, ever had it all together in our lives. He prefers those who are weak and vulnerable.

Jesus came for the likes of you and me. And He loves us more than we can ask or imagine.

Be at peace, child. And don't listen to hell's lies of discouragement and despair. Just don't listen to lies! Read God's love letter to you - the Bible. 

Jesus loves you. You personally. He is kinder to you than you are to yourself. He knows. He knows. He knows!

My prayers go up for you each night and day.

Much love to you,


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016!

I wish you a Merry Christmas 2016! We are still within the Octave of Christmas, and even after that, we have much, much, much of the Christmas season left to celebrate, according to the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church! Is it the same in the Russian Orthodox Church liturgical calendar? And the Greek Orthodox? Inquiring minds want to know! Well, p'raps Wikipedia can shed some light on the answers for me!

Santa Claus brought me a fancy Kindle Fire HD 10 for my birthday (just turned 52 in November) and Christmas. While it is not the calibre of tablet that my mom's super, ultra fancy iPad Pro is as far as camera capability, it is good enough for me, as I still believe in (1) using real cameras, (2) taking pictures of things/people/cats/dogs/Christmas decorations other than myself (!!!). I am still learning how to use the camera facing me. It's been quite awhile since I've posted a photo of myself, as I am not a member of the Selfie Religion >^..^<  - catty remark! The below photo is the best I can do for now. I'm not likely to try again for awhile.


I just finished watching Mikhail Baryshnikov in the 1977 version of The Nutcracker, on YouTube. I loved it all over again. The more recent versions of The Nutcracker which I've seen performed have left me cold. Baryshnikov is my favorite dancer ever. The full video is at . The ballerina dancing Clara's part is Gelsey Kirkland. Enjoy! It's a beautiful production - gorgeous!


I realize that Christmas Tide is a difficult and heart breaking season for many people. Please know that you are in my special prayers for Christmas joy, and gladness. It is so hard to be sad at Christmas time. I've been there. In fact, I still go there sometimes. You children of divorce and you divorced people/single parents know what I mean especially, as do the widows and widowers, and the parents of children who died young. I'm so very sorry. Jesus bless you and caress you with His tender love and compassion.

Am lining up some St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta quotations for the Saintly Quotations blog ( ) but hope to share some here soon. The Feast of the Holy Family is on Friday before New Year's. There are some really pertinent quotes for that feast.

Much love and most of all: many, many, many prayers going up for you! 

~Miss Chris

Friday, November 18, 2016

Prayer of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

Fortify me with the grace of your Holy Spirit and give your peace to my soul, that I may be free from all needless anxiety, solicitude, and worry. Help me to desire always that which is pleasing and acceptable to you so that your will may be my will. Grant that I may rid myself of all unholy desires and that, for your love, I may remain obscure and unknown in this world, and be known only to you. Do not permit me to attribute to myself the good that you perform in me and through me, but rather, referring all honor to your majesty, may I glory only in my infirmities, so that renouncing sincerely all vainglory that comes from the world I may aspire to that true and lasting glory, which comes from you.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Things and Stuff: The November 15, 2016 Edition

Hello out there!

I've been having a struggle between embracing obscurity, and letting my light shine. This struggle seems to have gone on for ages. I strongly suspect that embracing obscurity is the high road, at least in terms of what I perceive as the Lord's will for me. But, I figure it can't hurt for me to at least drop in to the blog to say "Hello out there!" and "I'm praying for you!" once in awhile. (I really and truly do pray for all past, present, and future readers of my blogs, every day.)

There is so much to be grateful to Jesus for, but most of that belongs in my personal gratitude journal. 

Do any of you keep gratitude journals? It is truly a great, healing, liberating-from-fear-and-worry practice. If you like, you can have an art journal-gratitude journal. I am finding that even if I'm having a really terrible migraine or fibromyalgia day, if I can just crack open that gratitude journal and scribble in one little word or sentence, it sets in motion the wheels of more things to at least whisper a heartfelt prayer of thanks to our Good God. 

Have you recently read what Psalm 50 says about making a "sacrifice of thanksgiving", which is more pleasing to the Lord than many other kinds of sacrifice? Do you have health problems that make it difficult/impossible to fast from food? Then offer to the Lord a sacrifice of thanks! 

It's not because He needs His ego to be stroked that He asks this of us! It's because He knows that it is good for US to give thanks to Him! "Because He is a Good Father! That's Who He Is! And YOU are loved by HIM - that's who you are!" (I'm borrowing that from a Casting Crowns song). He wants us to remember all the ways He has protected and taken care of us in the past, so that we may have stronger, greater, bigger faith and trust in His goodness in the things about which we are so concerned here in the present moment... and also about those things in the future which scare us so much.

About the only part of the Proverbs chapter 31 "perfect woman/good wife" thing that I understand and can really, really, really hear God calling me to grow in is asking Him for the grace to "laugh at the days to come". All that other stuff in there is kind of off the charts for me; it doesn't apply because I'm not married and I don't have kids! Maybe you're in the same boat. Want to learn how to laugh at the days to come? Then thank Jesus for today and its blessings.

God bless you, friends. Thank you for spending a little time here at my blog. Please know most importantly that I remember you in my daily prayers. Jesus knows who you are and exactly what blessings you have need and want of. Oh! Please trust in Jesus! He loves you so very much - so very, very, VERY much! He loves you more than you love yourself, and He loves you unconditionally, radically. He wants good things for you and those whom you care about even more than you want those good things! Open wide your mouths in praise and thanksgiving, and He will fill you with even more blessings. Please trust in Jesus! Please love Him in return! He waits for you to talk with Him each day. You really, really, REALLY matter to Him! You matter to Him a great deal. You are not insignificant in His kingdom! I say this to all of you, but especially to those of you who are facing health problems and mental health challenges, and who find that they can't keep up with being active in the church and in the world at this time. You are NOT insignificant! YOU MATTER VERY MUCH! The world is a much better place just because YOU are in it! Thank you for being you! Thank you for all the ways in which you've said "YES!" to the Holy Spirit's promptings - some of you even at the risk of your lives, some of you in more seemingly hidden ways! God sees! He knows! He understands! He will reward you!

Okay, enough out of me! Peace and all good to you!

~ Christine

Sunday, November 13, 2016

St. Mother Cabrini on Prayer

Prayer is powerful! It fills the earth with mercy, it makes the Divine clemency pass from generation to generation; right along the course of the centuries wonderful works have been achieved through prayer.

- St. Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini

Monday, October 03, 2016

A Single Candle

All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.


 - St. Francis of Assisi


John 3:30

Hello, old friends!

My absence from the blogosphere is explained by this verse from the Bible: 

"He must increase, but I must decrease." (John 3:30 ESV)

I've been reading The Imitation of Christ, Embracing Obscurity, and much about St. Therese of Lisieux. It is better at this time that I be little, hidden, and obscure while praying and working on overcoming my sins, faults, failings, and weaknesses, and busy building up the Lord's people.

In short, I am trying, in my own small and feeble way, to be a light in the darkness rather than merely cursing the darkness (terrible and expanding as that darkness is).

Please know that each of my readers - past, present, and future - are in my daily prayers. May Jesus richly bless you with all that you stand in need of. 

Much love in Jesus,


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Maggie the Kitty Does the Grumpies

It's officially Spring 2016, and my dear little cat Maggie has the hairballs to prove it (poor thing!). 

Here is a picture of her looking GRUMPY. 

She's really the sweetest little thing. However, she's been fractious lately, so she's getting lots of TLC.

I, too, am feeling grumpy. My email has been down since March 18-19th except for webmail. I feel like going Luddite and forever forsaking all technological "progress". Do any of us remember old fashioned, archaic, quaint little things that involved penmanship, zip codes, and postage stamps?! Ah! That was back in the Dark Ages before Al Gore invented the internet, right, Kiddies?! *sarcasm fully intended*

Just bought a book of postage stamps and a bunch of pretty note cards. If I can retrieve my snail address book, some of you might be surprised... especially if I can find my stash of old crochet projects and decide to start the hallowed tradition of The Traveling Siberian Spoon Warmers *joke attempted to call out old friends*.

Well, my little grumpus is here looking for food. That can only be a good thing. :)

I'm praying for all of you. I mean that!

Much love to one and all... you know who you are! :)

~Miss Chris

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

So Glad to Be Alive: February 2, 2016

Here in central Wisconsin, USA, on Groundhog Day 2016, we are experiencing a winter storm. It's not as "bad" as the meteorologists were originally predicting, but then again, "It ain't over till it's over". We've got more than nine hours left in the winter storm warning.

I enjoy snow. It is one of my guilty pleasures! It makes me glad to be alive - so very, very, very glad to be alive! Now, I don't have to drive, and I don't have to shovel, and life simply seems grand with a fresh white coating of new-fallen snow. I think the El Nino weather pattern has finally gone es kaput and that winter is - at long last - arriving in earnest for us in our part of the nation. Sighing a sigh of relief and dancing a jig for joy! Color me jigorous (that's a shout out to my fellow Ceili Rain friends!).

It's also Candlemas (the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord). We took down our outdoor Christmas decorations this morning before the snow began to fly. Indoors, however, we are still decorated for Christmas, though I am not lighting the Christmas tree any more. And also haven't listened to Christmas music in a few weeks. Even little Christmas fanatics like me need a break once in awhile. *grin* Nonetheless, I am lining up Christmas crochet projects to begin. I bought two new mega books of crocheted snowflake patterns, I have a jumbo spindle of white crochet cotton, and have polished up my trusty crochet hooks (most of which I inherited from my Italian Nani). Have also unearthed my crocheted angel patterns. I would rather be knitting, but have developed a nasty case of Knitter's Shoulder. Ouch. Meaning, I need to rest my knitting muscles and do something less taxing for awhile.

Isn't it amazing and beautiful how God creates blizzards of bazillions of snowflakes out of nothing in nanoseconds with no two being exactly alike, yet we humans who craft snowflakes must painstakingly stitch replicas from patterns? I think God is some kind of wonderful!

I go bonkers when I'm not creating something. If I'm really, really, really tired like this past month, it is all I can do to color in a coloring book. You all know already that the latest craft rage is adult coloring books, right?!  Well, on days like the past week, I've not even been able to color those with their intricate patterns. No! I have ended up back at Winnie-the-Pooh and Care Bears level! Thank You, Jesus for the $1 big coloring books at the Dollar Tree!!! :)

Got a new camera for Christmas, and also got the second most recent one fixed. The third most recent one is still great. I am a Kodak girl. The two oldest ones are bridge cameras (something between DSLR and a point and shoot), with excellent German lenses and lots of creative control (I can set the aperture and shutter speeds myself if I like). The newest one is a bridge camera as well, but it's not got the German lens. It does have lots of bells and whistles. But what do I do but take a crazy number of pictures of my cat, in an effort to learn how to use all of the bells and whistles in time to take the camera(s) to the zoo this spring-summer-fall. And, I admit it: I like taking pictures of my cat! 

People, however, don't seem to like having their pictures taken. The prefer to take selfies, the goons. Taking selfies is really a sign of a personality disorder. People have been known to attempt and successfully commit suicide over their selfies. People have been known to take thousands of selfies and still not be happy with even one shot. Get some help, people! 

You are not your selfies! You are a precious child of God, created in His image and likeness. There is no one else just like you, there never was before, and there never will be again another you! You are wonderful just the way you are! There's more to life than how you look! Forget about the boob job and the nose job! Your boobs are going to sag eventually anyway, and your nose is going to get bigger as you age anyway! Ask God for the grace to see yourself as the beautiful creature that He made you; ask God for the grace to see yourself with His eyes of love,,, the way HE sees you. Does what anyone else think really matter?! Hell no!

We all just want to be loved, and that's why we obsess over our appearance. But, we age. We gain weight and we wrinkle. We develop health problems that warrant our need to take medications which make us gain even more weight. The latest fashions are for toothpick models who look like they have a foot and two arms in the grave already, and we want to look like THEM, for pity's sake????!!!!! OY GEVALT! You ARE loved already, by the One True God, whose love is infinitely more powerful and healing than that of all of the human beings on this planet put together.

End rant! Please know that you are loved!

Well, this didn't turn out to be quite the post that I'd intended, but c'est la vie! I return to  my coloring book and my addiction to certain Pandora stations which I have put together. Am currently enjoying some really rowdy Big Band Dixieland Jazz, and also 1920's Jazz.

Praying for hope for all of us worldwide. The Middle East is in an intensifying piecemeal Third World War. We need to be peace - the peace of Christ - in this troubled world. Each one of us matter in that effort to be peace.

All of you are in my prayers!

With love in Jesus,

- Miss Chris

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thankful Thursday, January 21, 2016

It's Thankful Thursday! What is your heart glad about today? I encourage you to blog about it!

Topping my Glad 'n' Grateful list today is:

* the precious, wonderful, beautiful, fantabulous gift of life! I might be chronically ill and disabled with acute pain, but LIFE IS STILL SO VERY GOOD! Please don't buy into the pro-death people's mentality of "quality of life"! Abortion, suicide, and euthanasia are not the answer! Those things are never, ever, EVER the answer. I've been ill and in pain for over 35 years, and the fact that Jesus has carried me tenderly like a lamb to His Heart (especially on the really very bad days) gives me the right to stand up and say that Jesus is faithful! He is compassionate! He is tender! He sustains! He heals, and He saves. He gives joy, He carries us, He dances with us, He watches over us with great and tender and personalized care. Never give up!

* for the gift of friendship. Friendship heals! Choose your friends wisely, but don't ever be a snob when someone offers you their friendship and invites you to the party.

* for the gift of laughter! My old readers (are any of you still out there?!) know that I'm an advocate for the healing power of laughter. Yes, take your meds and your vitamins and eat your veggies, etcetera, but please take time to laugh every day! 

Example about laughter: Both my dad and I are in the throes of a nasty sinus infection. Daddy became so ill that he went to the doctor Wednesday afternoon and ended up with a prescription for an antibiotic. He and I decided to watch some Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C  on DVD before saying good night. Oh my goodness, gracious! Did we ever LAUGH! We both felt so much better afterward that we're making it a point to watch more classic TV comedy together in the future. Now, we're both still ill, but our outlook on life and on being able to get through the remainder of our illnesses, is brighter and more faith and hope filled.

Well, I need to get out my "beads for battle" (Rosary) and start my late night shift of intercessory prayer for life, marriages, and families. 

Celebrate life!

I love you, readers! Many of you are strangers to me, and some of you are old friends lurking in the outer realms of blogdom, but I pray for you daily. We will meet in Heaven some day!

God bless you!

- Miss Chris

PS: On Friday, the Day of Prayer for the Protection of the Unborn, please find it in your heart to thank your mother and dad for the gift of life. Even if they've hurt you a lot, at least silently thank God that they carried you full term and let you see the light of day. If you can't do that, then try spiritually adopting an unborn baby and pray that they won't be aborted. I especially warmly encourage you to pray for the babies with Down Syndrome.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

God Is So Good!

A quickie gratitude report from Chez Mademoiselle Chris:

I am thankful for...

... pain medication for treating fibromyalgia, even though it messes with my writing and typing. Lyrica spares me many days and nights of intense pain and tears. It doesn't work every single day, but it does protect me from ultra severe flareups and horrible days happening too often to bear. Thank You, God!

... my internet connection getting to be more consistent! I am able to get through YouTube videos without interruption most of the time the past week or so. Hooray!

... YouTube. As we say here in Wisconsin with mock German accents: "So soon oldt und so late shmart!" Meaning, I didn't really like YouTube until this year. It's saved me a small pile of money by my not requiring a Netflix account for several months. Most of what I'd originally subscribed to Netflix for (classic TV programs, for example) is available on YouTube. I can also learn how to paint, improve my Italian cooking skills, and travel the world. A lot of what I watch is available on public TV's Create channel, but Create TV isn't broadcasting round the clock in my locale, and we all know that I am a night owl! I also like being able to watch what I want when I want.  

... having clean, nicely pedicured feet with a comfy pair of socks. It's part of my night time get comfy ritual each night before settling down to read.

... speaking of socks, I just recently discovered a huge apple box of socks that I hadn't remembered upstairs in the loft. Last week, I spent a morning sorting and pairing socks, then stowing them away in two sock drawers in my bedroom chest of drawers. Yes. Drawers, plural. I am dedicated to better living through happy feet in clean, comfortable socks. This here woman doesn't have a shoe or a handbag fetish. With me, it's socks, slippers, and pajamas!

... my Christmas baking supplies shopping is 99.9% done! I begin baking today, Lord willing. My first batch will be Pure Vanilla All Butter Spritz. Can't you just smell the delightful aroma of baking buttery, vanilla cookies in the air? Oh my!

... oh heavenly day! Have been enjoying some time travel comedy time with episodes of Fibber McGee & Molly, the long running old time radio comedy classic from back in the 1940's. Belly laughs galore! And all clean and safe to listen to with your children or grands. Tons funnier than the tripe passing as entertainment these days!You can find a veritable goldmine of classic old time radio programs at Internet Archive Old Time Radio Programs

... my new portable ice making machine. I keep it in the basement and not only benefit from all those ice cubes, but also from the exercise going down and up stairs. And not only the stairs, but while down there, am more often inclined to work out on the Air-Dyne. A win-win situation!

... the wonder and the miracle of a purring cat. Did you ever consider consider what a wonder, what a gift, what a miracle that is?! Remember to thank Jesus the next time your cat(s) curl up next to you and begin making the beautiful music of purring!

... my two dear, wonderful parents! I am so blessed indeed.

... the fact that winter appears to be ready to show up here in Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA later this week! Yahoo! This 60 degrees in mid-November baloney is too much to take! Bring on the snow and the cold! 

And now it's time to settle in with a book. Am taking time off from reviewing for a couple of weeks so I can enjoy some childhood favorites from Louisa May Alcott. 

That's all for now! I'm still praying for you all.


- Miss Chris

PS: Here is a picture of my dear little cat Maggie taking a very serious nap earlier this month. She's either in perpetual motion, or else taking a power nap.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Missing in Action!

Hello out there in Blog Land!

My ISP has been having difficulties for the past two or so months, so my internet connectivity has been sparse. This has left me unable to blog. I have been busy reading and reviewing some really wonderful (there's that word again; where is my thesaurus? *wan smile* books, and participating in our parish's intercession ministry. 

I dislike being missing in action from the blogosphere! Please know that you are each in my continued prayers.

It's time to head to the kitchen to bake bread for Tuesday a.m. breakfast. We're going to be realllllllllllly naughty and have fresh baked white bread today.

Much love to one and all in Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and St. Therese... and her parents St. Zelie Martin and St. Louis Martin, just canonized on Sunday, October 18th in Rome, the first married couple to be jointly canonized. How very appropriate during this time of the Synod.

'Nuff chatter out of me. I crave hot chocolate.

Would that this infernal warmish autumn would cool down more and lead to snowball fights!!! :)

Miss Chris


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Grateful: Monday, August 10, 2015

Today, I am grateful for:

... the strength to get through my workout for the second day in a row in the midst of a virus/fever/etc. I will sleep soundly!

... Chicken Kiev, Uncle Ben's Long Grain and Wild Rice (Original Seasoning), Italian Green Beans, and sweet, red, ripe Watermelon. Yum! Thankful also for fully functioning taste buds!

... my darling little kitty getting over her tummy affliction and being back to gobbling up Fancy Feast (all versions of "Marinated Morsels") again for the past few days. I don't know how you moms of human children can stand it when your babies are sick and won't eat. I become fairly hysterical when my fur child is ailing. 

... "discovering" a gift given to me a few years back which I am very energized and enamored of: Two CDs of Artie Shaw and his Big Band music. Now, I already have a myriad of Glenn Miller, Harry James, and Benny Goodman CDs, but this was a happy and serendipitous discovery today. It also helps me get through my longer workout regime without so much pain.

... for air conditioning ice cubes, iced tea with lemon, straws, and the ability to cool off on an overly warm and humid day. Thankful as I am tonight, I still loathe summer at this point.

... for the fact that what I call "Moctober" will arrive here in central Wisconsin, USA... eventually! 

... for P. G. Wodehouse's delicious and exquisite sense of humor. Last night I listened to an hour of Very Good, Jeeves as narrated by Martin Jarvis, and had to stifle my giggles in a vain attempt to not awaken the neighborhood with gales of laughter. (I laugh loudly).

Speaking of noise, I am thankful...

... that it is the work week again so that my neighbor on the north side of our house was at work and not doing construction on his house right outside my window with HIS VERY LOUD VOICE like he did Friday through Sunday. I will here cattily add that Mr. I is no rocket scientist. And his girlfriend isn't exactly brain surgeon material either. Yes. They are a pair, she equally loud in speech and suffering from a vacant cranium. Perhaps it would help if they were sober... but, I am grateful that they are quiet most of the time, such as today. 

... for the gentle but firm reminder from my dear dad that I shouldn't speak or think of people in such an uncharitable way. Mea culpa. Grateful that at nearly 51 years old, I still have my dad to correct me. Hopefully, I will become a more loving Christian. It ain't going to happen without God doing a major overhaul of my attitude, and I had better get ready to cooperate. I want to be more loving. I just get snide sometimes. I don't say it to people's faces, but it's a sin to even THINK so unlovingly about people created in God's image and likeness. 

... that God is patient with me, and that people are mostly patient with me. I admire patience in other people. 

... that I opted to NOT go for the Windows 10 free upgrade from Microsoft - yet. The free upgrade offer will still be in effect until July 2016, during which time perhaps? Microsoft will work some of the kinks out of 10. Anyway, I am more than content with Windows 7, so why bother with 10? And this way I get to keep Windows Media Player. I just miss Outlook Express, even though Mozilla Thunderbird works mostly okay for me.

... that I have a comfortable bed and many fluffy pillows on which to rest my now very, very tired body and aching head while I listen to more Wodehouse.

God bless you all! I continue to pray for you; please pray a little prayer for me, too, that I cooperate generously with God's grace, from my heart! Thank you so much!

- Miss Chris

Friday, August 07, 2015

Life Is a Polka Is Going Back to Blogspot URL


My "Life Is a Polka" blog is going back to a URL, specifically Life Is A Polka

To spell it out, in the next hours or perhaps a day or so from now, if you want to continue reading the blog, it will be at . If you follow by email, you'll continue to receive the blog posts by email. I will have to go back and tediously redo the links to each post, so, please know this might take me awhile to get the actual blog operational! Thank you for your patience, and thank you for your kind interest in my humble little blog.

Please also know that I continue to pray for each precious, wonderful, unrepeatable, irreplaceable one of you, and I will continue to do so. Actually, much of the time, I consider my role here not so much to write (as we all know that I am not a technically good writer! :)), but to be present to pray for you. The writing is mostly to let you know I'm praying. Even if my changing the URL leaves me with only a handful or even merely one reader, it is my privilege and pleasure to pray for you. I just no longer want to fuss with the custom domain, and so I am going to permanently stick with the URL. Blogspot is very handy, with providing Google Translate tools, among other things. 

God bless you! May the remainder of your summer be kissed with the love of Jesus! And when autumn comes, may you have a nice cat to sit on your lap while you read good books!

Much love in Jesus,

~ Miss Chris

Wednesday, July 29, 2015



Those of you who have read my blogs over the years know that I hate, loathe, and abominate summer at this point (migraines are worse from summer heat and allergens). However, I have been gleefully observing the ever lessening amount of daylight, and enjoying the change in our back yard bird community. The cardinals are still going strong (they dine at the front yard bird feeder, known affectionately at Chez Miss Chris as The Marshfield Bird Cafe. The chickadees are back in ever increasing number, and continue to amuse us with chickadee chatter, joke telling, and bird laughter (use yer imaginations, folks! :)). The robins don't sing us early morning serenades during the dog days, but they are still ubiquitous, hunting for earthworms (blek!), and looking rather thin due to the dearth of rain lately.

Soon, the deer will return, and some time after them will be Elvis the Bear. The black bear comes back every autumn, sometimes closer to November. Actually, we are hoping that Elvis is a boy and not a girl, because if Priscilla shows up with her baby(-ies), we face a long winter of trying to avoid her. We all know what momma bears are like when it comes to their babies! *Gasp* If Priscilla arrives in place of Elvis, our winter and spring schedule will need to be amended to make certain that we are indoors (having brought the rather expensive bird feeders to safe keeping) before sundown. Actually, a few years back, the bears were feasting during the mid-morning and noontime hours - those snarfing, gobbling beasts! 

My flowers (Wave Petunias in bright pink and purple, Geraniums in very bright, energetic pink/violet, and Impatiens (mixed colours), are thriving. It has been hot and humid, so I feed and water them during cool, early morning hours - wearing my pajamas.

Ah yes! I have begun a Neighborhood Trend: nearly all of us wear our pajamas (never birthday suits, thank Heaven!) on certain days to do early morning chores and to bring the mail in. We range from Walmart styles to L.L. Bean and many other brands. Nothing indecent. We have a quiet, low traffic, laid back street without many passersby, and many of us work from home, or are resting after driving truck all week, so, we relax and secretly laugh at each others' loungewear.

Hmmm. Perhaps I will entertain someone this morning by wearing my Eeyore pajamas!

Anyhow, my whole wheat bread is about to come out of the machine, and you know how whole wheat can be - dry! so I'd better go and zip it into a bread basket pronto!

Happy Late Summer to one and all, and may Jesus shower blessings upon your dear heads. I continue to pray for each one of my visitors daily.


Miss Chris

Edit: Please excuse open parentheses, run on sentences, etcetera. It's late, and I'm so tired!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

I Love Reading (and Reviewing) Books!

I apologize for being AWOL from the blogs again. It has been a great blessing to read and review various delightfully wonderful books, and I continue to read and review - especially am in reading mode recently. It is also garden season here in central Wisconsin, so my time is divvied up between prayer, reading, and gardening. And, of course, time in the kitchen!

Each of you remain in my daily prayers. I mean that sincerely. You are in my visits to the Blessed Sacrament for Holy Hours, remembered at Mass each week on Sunday, and very often during the week for Daily Mass, and in the time spent praying the Rosary. Also, I offer up my suffering for you in union with the suffering of Jesus on the Cross. So much do I look forward to meeting each one of you in Heaven someday!

Those of you who are regular readers of my blogs know that summertime is difficult for me health-wise, so I will be spending Summer 2015 reading and praying, gardening and baking (yes! baking even when the weather is hot!)... and interceding for each of you. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Also, the CatholicChristianPrayers blog will hopefully be up and running by Independence Day. 

Those of you who love to read, may the Lord bless you with just the exact right books this summer to not only be enjoyed, but also to further your Christian spiritual development as the Holy Spirit of Jesus has ordained! God is so very, very, very good to provide us with so many wonderful authors. If any of you do book reviews, may I suggest looking up the offerings for Franciscan Media... they look absolutely fantastic. Ave Maria is also terrific.

That's all for now! Dad is grilling up some chicken on the big Weber charcoal grill, and we have potato salad and creamy cole slaw, and Dad just notified me that there are Klondike bars in the freezer! Woot! We had our first air conditioner-worthy days of 2015 this weekend, and it's time to celebrate!

Much love to you in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph - and also St. Catherine of Alexandria, the patron Saint of (1) librarians, and (2) those suffering from migraines.

Blessings galore on your summer! I especially wish many Holy Spirit-ually enlightened books to enjoy and read for the summer, swinging in the shade on your hammock, while gentle breezes caress you and the gastronomically delicious cooking/grilling smells waft through your yard! And the perfume of apple blossoms in late Spring! Too many delights to count!!!

- Christine

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

St. Therese of Lisieux: Be Comforted, Little One!

"Be comforted, little one! In Heaven everything will no longer look black, but dazzling white."

- St. Therese of Lisieux

I really needed this quotation from St. Therese yesterday. God is so greatly, generously full of Provident goodness in giving me just the exact words to encourage me, just at the right time. Never, ever, ever give into despair, dear ones! Pain is never permanent, despair is NOT the answer. God is so very, very, very True, Good, Faithful, Beautiful, and Loving... and He is on YOUR side! 

I continue to pray for everyone who stops by the blog, and am so sorry that I'm not able to post more often (it's been rougher than usual healthwise since Holy Week). Please do know that you - each precious, dear, irreplaceable, unrepeatable one of you - are in my daily prayers. Headed to Holy Hour now and I will pray especially for you. Jesus loves you tenderly and personally. He understands. He knows the crosses, anxieties, and emotional wounds which are binding you, and in due time, He will act with speed. In fact, He has already set the wheels in motion to rescue you and bring you the freedom from wounds and discouragement. It takes time, little ones. St. Francis de Sales (Doctor of the Catholic Church) always said that gradual healings are the best.

Shalom. Peace, Truth, Life, and Resurrection Joy to you! I don't know you, but I love you and hold you close to heart in prayer.

Love in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,

- Christine